Our Ethos

Powered by Plants

At Three Inches High, we handcraft small batches of plant-based products to effectively use the seasonal tools we’ve been given by mother earth. Our products are inspired by the natural abundance we see in each distinct season and designed to answer a specific need in our customers. We grow as many elements as possible ourselves while working diligently to ensure every part of our process is sustainably sourced, naturally formulated, and safe for you and your home. We are dedicated to eliminating single-use plastics from our production cycle and creating innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Scroll down to find our more about our sustainability practises, our supply chain and our bottle return program!

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Plants are at the heart of everything we do at Three Inches High. They calm our spirits, ease our troubles, and ground us to the rhythms of our planet.  When it comes to the plants we process we only use homegrown or wild-crafted botanicals to ensure that no harmful chemicals make their way into our products. For us, growing and wildcrafting allow us to connect our products more deeply to our planet. To ensure that our craft(wo)manship is grounded in what the earth has offered.

We grow: Roses, Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula

We harvest: Cedar, Pine, Juniper, Mint


Recycling Program

At Three Inches High, we are dedicated to eliminating single-use plastics from our production cycle and exclusively offer glass or ceramic containers for all products. Not only are glass containers kinder to our earth, they also provide an opportunity to offer an exchange program to our loyal customers!

Returning customers can exchange pre-loved bottles or jars for 10% off their next purchase.

Once you have finished with an item, let us know and we will pick up the container, sterilize and refill it for future use. We provide you with a customized coupon code to activate your discount the next time you check out.


Our Suppliers

As a fledgling company, our supply needs are constantly evolving and changing with time but we do our best to ensure that our partners and suppliers uphold the same environmental ethos that is the core of the work we do at Three Inches High.

Home Decor


Care for the environment is at the forefront of what we do and we only source from suppliers who share this commitment. When vetting incoming suppliers we look for recycled inventory, emissions offsetting, and sustainable harvesting inititives.

White Objects


We believe that you get what you pay for and we don’t cut corners on costs. We invest in quality ingredients to ensure that the products your bringing into your home are both safe and effective.

Soap Bars


It’s important to us to support our local communities first and foremost. Where possible, we look to first source from fellow small businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.