We’re Sarah + Kat, two pagan babes with druid roots residing in Toronto who’ve been friends for 20 years. We share a hands-on, DIY approach to living that led us to wonder how we could do better towards mother earth in our day-to-day lives.


What started out as a small information exchange between two like-minded friends quickly grew to an overhauling of our household ingredients as we found ways to incorporate our spiritual practices into tactile changes of what went into and onto our bodies. Slowly but surely we built out a line of skin and home products based on ingredients that celebrate the planet and our responsibility to her. We created small batches of plant-based products to better use the seasonal tools we’ve been given while continuing to respect the changing cadences of the year. Our products are inspired by the natural abundance we see in each distinct season and designed to answer a specific need in our customers.


We grow as many elements as possible in our small urban container gardens and work diligently to ensure every part of our process is sustainably sourced, naturally formulated, and safe for you and your home.

Meet The Team

Sarah Lake

sarah is a relentless leo who believes we could all use more fire in our lives. creative and an independent thinker, she works in the film & entertainment industry as a costume designer. one day she looked at her monthly candle budget and decided the best way to manage costs would be starting a business and pouring them herself.


a bundle of fire signs, sarah is as exacting as she is unrelentingly loyal and loving. she pours her whole self into her passion projects in a way that manages to elevate the creative direction of everything she takes on.

Kaitlin Sylvester

classic virgo: aggressively type A, with a mile long to-do list, more spreadsheets than sense and a bad tendency of taking on more projects than she knows what to do with. three inches high started off in her kitchen as a “small” candle making project after she declared (yet again) “I bet I could make that!”.


kat spends her days working as a marketing executive and her nights mixing bath bombs all while dreaming up her next out of town adventure.



EST. 2017

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