Fresh New Look for Fall

Bigger, and better than ever.

After five years of searching, we finally found a local supplier who carries our dream jars. A matte black vessel that holds a whopping 9oz of soy goodness, these babies bring a modern warmth to any home. 

Once the candle is spent, you can return the jar for 10% off a future item OR try using boiling water to clean out the vessel and keep it as a glamorous storage unit.

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No Toxic Chemicals

Plant-based, harm-free

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About Us

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Three Inches High was born from the desire to live in harmony with our earth. To create a more balanced world, without creating excess waste.

We create and design each product in tandem with nature's cyclical rhythms, growing our own botanicals to guarantee your end products are completely toxin-free. We're working to build a conscious consumption cycle that helps to heal and rebuild the land we share.

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