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Whole beauty starting in with the fridge.

Welcome to the new Three Inches High, the home of plant-based luxury. Here we practice the art slowing down and tuning in. Tuning into how we can care for ourselves and our planet simultaneously.  Here we start our self-care journey with whole plants and appreciate the gentle nourishment they provide.

We carry a range of ethically harvested plant products for your home and skin. Browse our line of DIY clay masks to explore how common kitchen ingredients can make there way into your beauty routine.

Social Responsibility

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No Toxic Chemicals

Plant-based, harm-free

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About Us

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Three Inches High was born from the desire to live in harmony with our earth. To create a more balanced world, without creating excess waste.

We create and design each product in tandem with nature's cyclical rhythms, growing our own botanicals to guarantee your end products are completely toxin-free. We're working to build a conscious consumption cycle that helps to heal and rebuild the land we share.

Browse our products and join our community of sustainable shoppers today!

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